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Residential Services

All-Inclusive With No Hidden Fees

Services as low as $29 a month

Setting the New Standard

Riddem doesn't believe in doing a job halfway. We complete six steps at each and every service. Our technicians spend more time on your pest problems than anyone else in the industry, guaranteed! We don't believe in any hidden fees or exclude harder-to-control pests either. Riddem is dedicated to providing the highest level of service possible.

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Full Property Coverage

We know your lawn is just as important as your home. That's why we control the front curb, all the way to the back property line. We don't believe in cutting corners and want you, the customer, to have peace of mind when enjoying your outdoor activities.

Wasp Nest and Spider Web Removal

We’ll remove spiders and their webs from your home up to 30 feet high. We’ll also remove any wasp nests free of charge! We know how important it is to keep wasps away from your family and spiders out of your home, removing them is the first step during all of our services.

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Free Detailed Home Inspection

There is no one size fits all with pest control. Our technicians inspect every inch of your home inside and out to make sure nothing is overlooked. This ensures we create the most effective pest management strategy possible.

Comprehensive Interior Treatments

We know your home is unique, and so are your pest problems. Say goodbye to "Baseboard Jockeys" spraying the same chemical over and over, becoming less effective over time. We create a custom treatment plan using various chemicals and treatment methods based on your needs.

Pest Control

Preventative Barrier Treatment

During each service your technician will apply a long lasting preventative barrier around your home to stop the pests before they get in. 

Complete Crawlspace Coverage

We will go where others won’t! Our technicians inspect your crawlspace every service and provide you with video footage so you can see any problems for yourself. Each tech will inspect corner-to-corner to ensure there are no pests lurking under your floors.

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