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Commercial Services

We provide a custom treatment program for the control of Ants, Cockroaches, Rodents, Fungus Gnats/Fruit Flies, and much more.

Contact us today to have an in-depth inspection of your business.

Office Space

No Pests Guaranteed

We know how important it is to keep pests out of your business. We customize our commercial services down to the floor-plan to ensure satisfaction and efficiency


After Hours Treatment Options

We know how it can look to have pest control at your workplace during hours of operation. We offer our treatments before and after hours to ensure discretion, as well as the most effective treatment possible.

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Customized Treatments

An office will encounter different pests than a restaurant, so why are they being treated the same? Riddem creates a custom treatment plan for every business, based on their unique needs.


Exclusion Services

Not only do we treat pest problems on site, but we recommend or make repairs to keep pests out in the first place. Don't put a band-aid on your pest problems, let's solve them for good.

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Comprehensive Interior Treatments

Our services are unmatched, we'll go where others won't, and you won't find any hidden fees with Riddem. Your contract includes coverage of any and all pests encountered at your business.

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