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Mosquito Control

First Service as Low as $29!

Protect your Pets!

Protect your family and your fur family from Heart-Worm, Lyme Disease, and painful bites by controlling the ticks, mosquitoes, and pesky fleas in your yard!


Effective Mosquito Solution

With every treatment your service technician will knock down any adult mosquitoes on the property by using a powerful and effective fog. By treating the adult mosquitoes during the day we can remove a significant portion of them so they don't multiply in the evening. 


Treatment of Breeding Grounds

Your technician will check for mosquito breeding sites on the property during your service. If the areas can be treated or removed they will do so. This is the most important part of mosquito control and is often overlooked. A small amount of water can be responsible for thousands of mosquitoes!

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Keep your Pets & Kids Safe

Mosquito programs also control Ticks and Fleas on your property. Protect your furry friends from deadly Heart-worm, Lyme Disease, and pesky fleas. We know how important it is to protect your family and pets. Our technicians even carry treats for your beloved pets! 

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